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Mytabs modülü ile sekmeler olu?turabilirsiniz. bu sekmelerde istedi?iniz bloklar? listeleyebilirsiniz.

Not : Xoops 2.5 ve üst sürümler için.

De?i?iklikler :

=> Version 2.21 Final (2012-12-17)
- Converting to XOOPS 2.5.0 GUI (mamba)

=> Version 2.2 Final (2009-11-14)
- Making module compatible with php5.3 and Xoops 2.4
- Improved : coding standards, move to blue.

=> Version 2.1 Final (2008-09-04)
- Improved: Css margins and paddings, bottom border added in jquery.css and shadetabs.css as in original files.

=> Version 2.1 RC2 (2008-09-02)
- Fixed: Some css were fixed to look alike in IE and Mozilla.
- Fixed: Javascript bug in IE when not using 'on mouse over'
- Fixed: Xoops 2.2.x bug - Impossible to select menu class in blocks administration.
- Added: Possibilitie to use mytabs blocks inside a mytabs page (use this with caution).
- Improved: Blocks with same 'uniqueid' will not display to avoid conflict.

=> Version 2.1 RC (2008-08-31)
- Improved: 'css' folder removed and 'menus' folder added, new menus are now added as folders containing the style.css and the necessary images.
- Fixed: Css conflicts. Css files and templates were changed, some IDs turned into Classes and were renamed.
- Added: Five new menus added.

=> Version 2.1 Beta (2008-08-30)
- Added: XOOPS 2.2.x compatible
- Added: content is displayed in tabs using 'link to'
- Added: Tabs with 'link to' can now work with 'revealid' (must have onmouseover enable)
- Added: Horizontal bar to prevent hidded content in browsers pf low resolution.
- Fixed: bug in javascript that would cause it to crash if the 'revealid' was not present on page.
- Fixed: No more limitations! You can now use several mytabs blocks with delay>0(scrolling) in the same page.

=> Version 2.0 Final (2008-07-06)
- Fixed: block template bug that would not allow to use links with the 'rel' attribute inside blocks. ex: rel='lightbox'
- Added: option to use or not the onmouseover effect.

=> Version 2.0 RC2 (2008-06-23)
- Fixed: Scrolling tabs don´t work for tabs using "Reveal ID"
- Added: Partial compatibility with Xoops Cube Legacy. Blocks admin does not work (sorry)
- Removed: jscript/rotate.js
- Removed: Uncompleted translation files

=> Version 2.0 RC (2008-06-21)
- Added : Scrolling bars to prevent content overflow
- Added : Tabs auto selection on mouse over
- Added : Tags for using in 'tabs title' and tabs 'links to' such as {pm_new} {user_id}, etc
- Added : Prefixing a pageblock title with '-' will hide the title just for that block
- Improved : Less code in the block template
- Removed : Page title from Blocks, page title is now just for reference in the admin page.
- Fixed : mytabsdefault.css was not displaying well on firefox

=> Version 2.0 Beta (2008-06-08)
- Added : Tabs can simply be links to other pages, instead of load a tab content
- Added : Ability to expand / contract arbitrary DIVs on the page when a tab is selected

=> Version 2.0 Alpha3 (2008-06-05)
- Removed : Old css files (by Mowaffak)
- Added : New css files (by Mowaffak)

=> Version 2.0 Alpha2 (2008-06-04)
- Fixed : Blocks not showing (The stupid bug wins again)
- Fixed : division by zero if no blocks were set for a tab

=> Version 2.0 Alpha (2008-06-03)
- Added : Custom blocks to block selection
- Added : Sides left, center and right for block placement inside tabs
- Improved : Admin buttons displaying in Blocksadmin

=> Version 1.0 Final (2008-05-31)
- Fixed : Blocks with multi selection options not working (by Mowaffak)
- Fixed : Blank page when editing or creating tabs if debug mode is off (header() problem)
- Fixed : removed tabcontent.css re-added in RC4 by mistake
- Fixed : Admin buttons were not correctly fixing
- Fixed : Fixes on some .css (by Mowaffak)
- Improved : Admin buttons displaying in Blocksadmin

=> Version 1.0 RC4 (2008-05-30)
- Fixed : Cloned blocks conflict if using different pages (this time for real!)
- Fixed : .css inclusion for older versions of xoops

=> Version 1.0 RC3 (2008-05-29)
- Fixed : removed tabcontent.css
- Fixed : bugs created in RC2 (blocks not showing, blank page on tab creation)
- Added : Two options in block to hide page title and block titles

=> Version 1.0 RC2 (2008-05-27)
- Fixed : tabs order in blocks was not correct
- Fixed : Cloned blocks conflict if using different pages
- Altered : Default value for delay is 2000

=> Version 1.0 RC (2008-05-26)
- Added : Php 4 compatible
- Added : Blocks and permissions administration (by Mowaffak)
- Added : New css files

=> Version 1.0 Beta (2008-05-24)
- Improved : Administration area
- Removed: Smartobject dependencies

=> Version 1.0 Alpha (2008-05-20)
- First public release of the module.

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