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AdsLight 2.2 Beta 1 - Ads & Classifieds with Payment Options 2.2 Beta 1

AdsLight 2.2 Beta 1 - Ads & Classifieds with Payment Options

Thanks to Cesag, we have now a new version of AdsLight 2.2 that she received from iLuc, the author.

Cesag spent countless hours testing this module, as well as the xPayment module, originally created by Wishcraft.

Both have been now updated to XOOPS 2.5.5 Admin GUI, and are now released as Beta versions for testing.

Adslight is a module that allow your clients of your website to list advertisements for items for sale, exchange or barter. It has an option to work together with XPayment module that allows people to both pay for items in the category it is assigned to or for advertisements themselves, that can be charged on a day by day basis till an expiration date.

Please note: if you don't plan on selling anything for a fee, you don't need to install the xPayment module.

Requirements: XOOPS 2.5.5, PHP 5.2 (5.3+ recommended)

Download: from SourceForge File Repository

- Adslight 2.2 Beta 1

- xPayment 1.52 Beta 1

Once again, a big "Thank you" to Cesag for her hard work and dedication on these two modules!

Click to see original Image in a new window

Click to see original Image in a new window

P.S. If you can, please test the payment feature with xPayment, because we would like to make it a standard payment solution for all our modules, similar to how it is done in Adslight.

For example, if Timgno is developing his Hotel or Restaurant module, he could use xPayment. It would make sense to utilize xPayment in our existing modules such as Oledrion, or Membership. This way we would have a standard payment solution, working similar to modules like Tag or Waiting, which can be utilized by other modules.

Please discuss these modules in this thread

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 Versiyon: 2.2 Beta 1
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 PlatformXoops 2.4.x
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